The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole
Platform Release Date Cost Players
Steam - PC, Mac & Linux 10 Dec 2016 £1.59/$1.99/€1.99 1-2 local Steam - PC, Mac & Linux
When two of the most magically gifted wizards on this (or any other) planet set out on a quiet stroll one evening, neither of them are aware of the terrifying adventure that awaits them. They only have themselves to blame for bringing it on, however, as they fail to see a giant hole in the ground and wander straight into it, leading them to a cave of unspeakably horrible monsters. Their only way out is to navigate through 100 deviously dangerous levels...
...which is where you come in! The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole is a one- or two-player platform game in which each player controls a wizard who can jump and shoot at a variety of monsters, with the aim being to kill all monsters on a level before progressing. There are special items to give you various power-ups and help you along the way, and lots of tasty food to be eaten to rack up the high scores and extra lives.
The game is available on Steam and has support for Steam achievements and, as of February 2019, leaderboards. There is now a leaderboard which contains each player's highest score from a single credit so you can compare your performances with the rest of the Steam community.
Here is a video trailer and some screenshots from the game. Click on the screenshots to view larger versions. You can also download the soundtrack to the game for free here.
Special Item Guide
Where would we be without the hugely useful special items in The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole? A few levels further back having had a little less fun no doubt! Here is a guide to each of the 25 different special items that can be picked up during the game. Special items (as oppose to points items, which, unsurprisingly, just award points) always have an effect on the game somehow, such as skipping levels or awarding power-ups. One completely random one appears on each level, about 10 seconds after the level has started.
Bronze Key - Skips to the next level.
Silver Key - Skips two levels - the one you are on and the one after that.
Gold Key - Skips three levels - the one you are on and the next two after that.
Dice - Makes you invincible for 20 seconds.
Ladder - Increases the value of all food that appears after killing monsters for 60 seconds.
Candle - Gives you rapid fire until you lose a life, allowing you to hold the fire button down to repeatedly fire.
Spoon - Reverses your left and right controls for 10 seconds.
Light Bulb - Gives you 1.5x extra speed until you lose a life.
Spanner - Makes all points and special items twice as big for 30 seconds (meaning double points).
Clock - Restarts the current level.
Button - Goes back to the previous level (unless it was a boss level).
Domino - Gives you a shield for 30 seconds, allowing you to take one hit without losing a life.
Leaf - Gives all the remaining monsters on the level a shield so they take two hits to kill.
Ace of Hearts - Freezes all monsters for 10 seconds.
Ace of Spades - Freezes you for 5 second.
Spade - Gets rid of all platforms on the level (excluding the borders) so everything falls to the ground.
Pencil - Makes random food appear on the level.
Microphone - Makes random food appear on the level. Worth more points than the food the pencil generates.
Mug - Gives you fast fire until you lose a life.
Traffic Lights - Slows you down to half speed for 10 seconds.
Flower - Kills all monsters immediately.
Scissors - Slows the monsters down to half speed for 10 seconds.
Comb - Speeds the monsters up to double speed for 10 seconds.
Hammer - Increases the value of all food that appears after killing monsters by a lot (more than the ladder) for 60 seconds.
Bomb - Causes an explosion of 8 stars that kill every monster in their path.