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The Penguin Factory is available on Steam!
The Penguin Factory is now available on Steam! You can pick it up here for PC, Mac and Linux. It is normally priced at £1.69/$1.99/€1.59 but launches with a 25% discount for one week only.

We'll be active on the Steam community page for the game for a while after release, so if you have a question, just ask!
The Penguin Factory
We're delighted to annouce our latest game - The Penguin Factory is coming to Steam on 7th June 2019 for PC, Mac and Linux. The Penguin Factory is a puzzle game where your task is to assist in delivering penguins by guiding them into boxes using the factory's conveyor belts, tubes, turntables and numerous other weird and wonderful contraptions.

The game will have 100 levels and a level editor that integrates with the Steam workshop so you can design your own puzzles. See The Penguin Factory page for more details, including a trailer video and screenshots.
Steam Bundles and Game Updates
If your Steam collection of Battenberg Software games isn't quite complete, here's an incentive to get the full set. We've added a Steam Bundle containing all of our games here. Buy them all, or just the ones you don't already own, and get 10% off!

We've also updated On A Roll and The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole on Steam with some graphical improvements and fixes. Wizards also now has a high scores leaderboard!
On A Roll 3D Update
As promised, we've now updated On A Roll 3D on Steam and iOS to bring it in line with the Xbox One version. This means we've added a ton of graphical updates and a one or two fixes.

Given that we've now released games on so many platforms, we also thought we'd blog about it!
On A Roll 3D - Now Available on Xbox One!
It's release day! You can now play On A Roll 3D on Xbox One and for PC via the Microsoft Store. You can buy it here or via the Xbox One dashboard for £3.99/$4.79/€4.79.

The game takes full advantage of Xbox Live features, with leaderboards, rich presence and 30 achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore to go for. We hope you enjoy it!