On A Roll 3D
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Platform Players Release Date Cost Try/Buy
Linux - Steam 1 local 14 Oct 2016 £2.79/$3.99/€3.99 Try/Buy
Mac - Steam 1 local 14 Oct 2016 £2.79/$3.99/€3.99 Try/Buy
PC - Steam 1 local 12 Feb 2015 £2.79/$3.99/€3.99 Try/Buy
Xbox 360 - Xbox Live Indie Games 1 local 04 Feb 2013 £0.69/$1.00/€0.95 Try/Buy

On A Roll 3D Boxart
Our favourite spherical hero is back, only this time in glorious 3D! Can you navigate through 24 huge levels across 6 different themes? Be prepared to take on all the platformer classics: spikes, mines, dynamite, conveyor belts, springs, switches, doors, bumpers, lasers, saws, fire, ice, water, electricity and trapdoors, not to mention a host of enemies and bosses!
On A Roll 3D was released on 12th February 2015 on Steam for PC, and on 14th October 2016 support for Mac and Linux was added. You'll need a Steam account (which is free to set up) to play, and then the game can be purchased here. There is also a Steam community area for the game here, which contains a forum (feel free to post - we always reply!) and an area for uploading your own screenshots and artwork. The Steam version has full controller support, and supports Steam achievements and leaderboards.
The game was originally released on 4th February 2013 on Xbox Live Indie Games. You can download a demo or buy the full version of the Xbox version of the game from the Xbox website, or you can find it via the Indie Games section on the Xbox dashboard.
On A Roll 3D is the sequel to On A Roll, which was the first game ever released by Battenberg Software. Below is a video showing the intro and gameplay, and below that are some screenshots (from the Xbox 360 version - click on them for an enlarged version). There's also a level guide, which gives you a few handy hints and tips on how to get through the game, and how to defeat the bosses. You can also check out some independent reviews.
By popular demand, you can also download the game's soundtrack here!
On A Roll 3D Screenshot On A Roll 3D Screenshot
On A Roll 3D Screenshot On A Roll 3D Screenshot
On A Roll 3D Screenshot On A Roll 3D Screenshot
On A Roll 3D Screenshot On A Roll 3D Screenshot
On A Roll 3D Screenshot On A Roll 3D Screenshot
2 - Posted by E. Long on 07 Aug 2014 16:23 
The first couple of levels have fairly simple puzzles that my son can do. You can see the gears turning in his little head.I URGE you to please make more "easy" levels. The progression of the game is awesome, dont get me wrong. For an adult it is perfect, but the stages get hard way too fast. Basically the first 3 on stage 1 are the only ones he stands a chance. You could even recycle the 6 areas and just create more basic versions.You may have an untapped demographic here. I can see it now... "On a Roll 3D: JUNIOR EDITION".You should totally hook me up with a tshirt if you guys have any around the office and P.S. Can i get a level editor yoh?
Posted by Battenberg SoftwareBattenberg SoftwareBattenberg Software on 09 Aug 2014 20:29 
Great suggestions, On A Roll 3D wasn't really designed as a game for young children but I can see how the cartoon-style graphics would appeal. Multiple difficulty levels is probably the answer here.

We haven't expanded into the world of t-shirts yet but it's a cool idea! I'll be sure to let you know if we do. And it would be great to have a level editor - we wrote a level editor for us to use internally to create the levels, but we had to be quite specific in what we designed as it was easy to make "impossible" levels if the platforms weren't lined up correctly. But I'm sure we could tighten this up to make it available - assuming our next game isn't taking up all of our time!
1 - Posted by Joshua Shekk on 17 Jul 2014 14:40 
THis will be remembered as my 2 year old sons first real game on xbox. The later levels are fairly difficult and he needs help a lot but I lvoe the simplicity. And this by no mean takes away from the adult appeal because as I said, it gets fairly difficult. Long story short we <3 your game. THANKS
Posted by Battenberg SoftwareBattenberg SoftwareBattenberg Software on 18 Jul 2014 09:18 
Thanks, great to hear you and your son love On A Roll 3D. Sometimes getting the difficulty levels right is one of the hardest things to do, and for it to appeal to all ages is something we aimed for.

We put a lot of hours into making the game so it's always nice to hear some positive feedback!
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