On A Roll
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Platform Players Release Date Cost Try/Buy
Linux - Steam 1 local 17 Mar 2017 £0.79/$0.99/€0.99 Try/Buy
Mac - Steam 1 local 17 Mar 2017 £0.79/$0.99/€0.99 Try/Buy
PC - Steam 1 local 17 Mar 2017 £0.79/$0.99/€0.99 Try/Buy
Xbox 360 - Xbox Live Indie Games 1 local 21 Sep 2009 £0.69/$1.00/€0.95 Try/Buy

On A Roll Boxart
On A Roll is a platform game in which you control a multi-coloured spotted ball with eyes (don't ask) that has to travel across 16 levels of increasing difficulty over four unique graphical themes while getting past other multi-coloured striped balls (your enemies). These enemies can be killed by either jumping or falling on top of them, or rolling into them at top speed.
The game couldn't be simpler to learn to play; all you can do is move left or right and jump, but don't let that fool you - the later levels are more difficult than they look and the four bosses present quite a challenge.
You can collect stars along the way for protection - one hit from an enemy will cost you 100 stars if you have them and one of your lives if you don't, and falling off the bottom of the screen also costs a life regardless of how many stars you have.
The game is out for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Indie Games, and on was released on Steam as downloadable content for On A Roll 3D on 17th March 2017. This can be found here and is known as On A Roll 2D to differentiate it from the 3D version. You can play a free demo of the Xbox version of the game as long as you have an Xbox 360 with a connection to Xbox Live (for instructions on how to do this, see the Xbox 360 Indie Games page). The demo allows you to play the first level (Round the Garden Area 1) and has the same playing time restrictions as all other Indie Games of 8 minutes or so. You can purchase the game from Xbox 360 Dashboard, or from the Xbox website by clicking here.
You can also download the soundtrack to the game here (192kbps MP3 files, zipped).
Here is a video and some screenshots from the game, and below that are some level guides and some hints and tips.
On A Roll Screenshot On A Roll Screenshot
On A Roll Screenshot On A Roll Screenshot
On A Roll Screenshot On A Roll Screenshot
On A Roll Screenshot On A Roll Screenshot
On A Roll Screenshot On A Roll Screenshot

Level Guides:
Level 1 - Round the Garden
Level 2 - Redbrick Road
Level 3 - Arctic Roll
Level 4 - Desert Dash

Other Interesting Stuff:
Hints and Tips
1 - Posted by CJ Frewerd on 14 May 2016 16:20 
What engine did you use to make this and OAR 3D?
Posted by Battenberg SoftwareBattenberg SoftwareBattenberg Software on 16 May 2016 20:49 
They were written in Microsoft's XNA, a framework designed for games development in Windows and for the Xbox 360 that integrated with Visual Studio. Sadly it's no longer under development so we do all our games in Unity now.
Battenberg Software