Battenberg Software have released a total of 11 games on 5 platforms. Click the links below to view details of each one.
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The Food Run Puzzle PC/Windows Mobile/Linux/Mac 1 local 10 Dec 2016 £1.59/$1.99/€1.99
On A Roll Platformer Linux/Mac/PC/Xbox 360 1 local 21 Sep 2009 Varies
The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole Platformer Linux/Mac/PC/Xbox 360 1-2 local 04 Nov 2010 Varies
On A Roll 3D Platformer Linux/Mac/PC/Xbox 360 1 local 04 Feb 2013 Varies
Micromazes Puzzle Xbox 360 1-4 local 26 Oct 2013 £0.69/$1.00/€0.95
Minigame Marathon Puzzle Xbox 360 1-4 local 06 Jun 2012 £0.69/$1.00/€0.95
Avatar Grand Prix 2 Racing Xbox 360 1-4 local; 2-8 online 24 Jan 2012 £0.69/$1.00/€0.95
Blackstone Part I Role Playing Xbox 360 1 local 13 Jul 2011 £0.69/$1.00/€0.95
Avatar Grand Prix Racing Xbox 360 1-4 local 25 Aug 2010 £0.69/$1.00/€0.95
Earth Shaker Puzzle Xbox 360 1 local 02 Feb 2010 £0.69/$1.00/€0.95
Planet Pinball Simulation Xbox 360 1 local 23 Dec 2009 £0.69/$1.00/€0.95
How do I play Battenberg Software games?
PC/Mac/Linux - Currently we release PC, Mac and Linux games on Steam so you'll need to sign up for a free Steam account to play. Once you've done that you can use the Steam's search facilities to find our games.
Xbox 360 - Battenberg Software no longer release games for the Xbox 360, but our back-catalogue is still available under the category of "Indie Games" (indie being short for independent). To play them you'll need an Xbox 360 with a connection to Xbox live (the free package will do, although you'll need the gold package to play online games). They are available from a number of places on the dashboard, or alternatively, you can browse and buy Indie Games from the Xbox Website.

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