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Battenberg! 14th October 2016 - On A Roll 3D Update
We're delighted to announce that our major update of On A Roll 3D has been released on Steam today. This includes the following features:
  • The game is now available on Mac and Linux, as well as Windows.
  • Full controller support has been added, with redefinable keys/joystick buttons.
  • The game's resolution has been increased from 1280x720 to full HD 1920x1080, and can be resized to any supported screen resolution.
The update is free and will automatically download via Steam. Enjoy!
Battenberg! 1st September 2016 - What's Coming Next!
We're hard at work on a number of projects that will see us release a series of games on Steam over the next few months. Here's what's coming:
  • An update to On A Roll 3D which will see it released not only on Windows but Mac and Linux too. We're also putting in numerous improvements to the game which will have full controller support and will be upgraded to full HD resolution.
  • The original On A Roll will be released as downloadable content for On A Roll 3D on Steam! This will also have numerous improvements and will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • The Food Run - a puzzle game we have already released on Itch.io will also be coming to Steam.
We'll keep you posted!
Battenberg! 3rd November 2015 - Secrets of a Successful Indie Game?
Although we're yet to find the magic formula for creating a successful indie game, here's what we do know!
Battenberg! 15th September 2015 - Goodbye Xbox Live Indie Games
Microsoft have announced that Xbox Live Indie Games will be closed down in September 2017. As we're now developing PC games, the good news is we're going nowhere! But since XBLIGs have played such a significant role in what we have achieved over the past six years, we've written a short blog about our XBLIG journey.
Battenberg! 12th June 2015 - Desura Latest and Groupees Bundle
Over the last few days it has been reported that the company that owns Desura, an indie game site that hosts two of our games (On A Roll 3D and The Food Run), has filed for bankruptcy. These games will most likely be removed from Desura in the near future, but both are available on other platforms (and for those that have already purchased them on Desura, both games are DRM-free so will still work if Desura disappears). A number of developers who have been affected by this, ourselves included, have been approached by Groupees with an offer to include On A Roll 3D in a bundle of indie games, which we have graciously accepted! Update - 29th June 2015 - The bundle has now ended - thanks to everyone who supported it!
Battenberg! 25th May 2015 - The Food Run is Released!
Our latest game, The Food Run, has now been released! You can get it on Desura and Itch.io. Enjoy!
Battenberg! 19th May 2015 - The Food Run Release Details
The Food Run, our latest 2D puzzle game, will be released next Monday the 25th May 2015 on Desura and Itch.io. The game will be priced at a mere $1 (£0.69/€0.95). As this was our first project developed in Unity, we've also blogged about it.
Battenberg! 10th April 2015 - The Food Run
Our first new release in over a year - The Food Run - will be available for PC next month! It's a classic puzzle game with a few twists, and you can view a video of the gameplay and some screenshots here. More details soon!
Battenberg! 17th March 2015 - Quick Update...
A month on from our release of On A Roll 3D on Steam, here's a quick update on the game. Thanks to everyone who has bought the game and posted a high score - the Steam high scores can be found here - there are some impressive scores on there but can anyone beat our current top score of 95,400? There are also some decent times posted for individual areas, and for those that are interested we've written another blog on how On A Roll 3D precision timing works. This might be of interest to game developers! We've also released On A Roll 3D on itch.io - another Indie Games site.
Battenberg! 12th February 2015 - On A Roll 3D Released on Steam!
On A Roll 3D has been released on Steam! You can buy the game here. Enjoy!
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